At Rosebud, we’re always cooking. We’re very excited to be building at the cutting of AI, mental health, and personal development. Our goal for 2024 is to launch a native mobile app that brings together the best of Rosebud, packed with the top requested features from our community.

📚 Custom Journals 🚧In beta

You'll be able to edit your daily check-ins, and design your own AI-powered journaling experiences that you can keep for yourself, or share with the community.

📱 Native Mobile App 🚧In beta

A new and improved version of Rosebud for iOS and Android. Currently in beta testing—join our Discord to get access.

😊 Mood Tracking 🗓️Planned

Rosebud will help you track your emotions over time and help you build awareness over what influences your mood so you can be equipped to design your life accordingly.

📊 Insights & Statistics 🗓️Planned

Advanced insights and statistics based on your journal and mood data to help you connect the dots between the themes present in your life.