Dig deeper

Rosebud is designed to help you find the answers within. As you compose a journal entry, you’ll have the option to “Go deeper”. This will prompt Rosebud to help you dig deeper into your experience, guiding you to your own unique wisdom.
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There are two modes of digging deeper: Interactive and Focused.

Interactive mode

Interactive mode feels more like a conversation, where the journal adds a perspective along with a single pointed follow-up question. Rosebud users like this mode because it can provide a more affirming and educational experience.
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Focused mode

Focused mode provides three questions, based on your entry so far, to help you dig deeper. It allows you to steer your thinking in the direction that calls to you the most. It’s a more “one-way” journaling experience. Rosebud users like this mode when they want to stay in their thoughts without having to interpret any feedback from the AI.
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